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"Under Siege"



Release: 2016
Status: Sold out
100blumen - Under Siege CD

unteachable electronic-drum´n´bass-punk-down-and-outs 100blumen favour us all with their album under siege. this incredibly good looking flowerpowertrio from düsseldorf, germoney, is going to blast you all with their unrivalled vein, a wild mixture of electronic elements, punk rock and crusty hardcore and that really really overrunning drums. from the slowly assembling opener 'time loop', across the eulogistic 'hinterland', to the electro-crust-bomb 'darkness' or the drum´n´bass-darkrave thunderstorm 'is anything wrong' at the end - 100blumen on under siege endow us 8 strong hits. with no uncalled-for dead weight they manage to combine anger and despair with a fierce attitude, playfulness and that typical for 100blumen rowdiness. for which one just has to love them. get under siege now on compact disc, featuring all bonus tracks! cardboard sleeve packaging, incl. a sticker.
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