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"Narcissick II"

CD + Single/7"

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Release: 2016
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A7IE - Narcissick II CD + Single/7

One of our leader band – french act A7IE is back with new material „Narcissick II”. Album incl. remix-works ont he band`s latest full-lenght „Occidere Mundi” done by well-known Acylum, Cold Therapy, Die Braut, Controlled Collapse, etc as well 2 new versions of previously released tracks from the band itself. Limited version of Narcissick II incl. also 7inch white coloured vinyl with 2 exclusive remixes from Wumpscut and Xentrifuge.

Release also comes as a box-set with exclusive design and rare fillers, which are: poster, cards, keychain, mirror, tshirt. All stuff are especcially designed for this release and printed in limited quantities.

Mastering was done in StahlBlack audio-studio (running by Stahlnebel & Black Selket crew) and design was constructed in Deominus Studio (running by Adeonesis).
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1.I Wish I Could (Cold Therapy Remix)
2.The Evil In Us (Acylum Remix)
3.Face To Death (Vault 113 Remix)
4.I Wish I Could (Altered By Venal Flesh Remix)
5.Face To Death (Remix By Die Braut)
6.Occidere Mundi (Bloodshed World By Alien Nation Remix)
7.The Evil In Us (Archazard Remix)
8.The Evil In Us (Controlled Collapse Remix)
9.Face To Death (Thorsectide Remix)
10.Fallacious Chrysalis (Insectile Mix Nolongerhuman Remix)
11.Find The Cure (Final Version)
12.Occidere Mundi (Hasswut Remix)
13.Fallacious Chrysalis (Brain Over Dust Remix)
14.Show Me (V2.0)
15.Twist (Remix By Wumpscut)
16.A Dream Within A Dream (Remix By Xentrifuge)