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Release: 2010
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ABS6 - Audiomedikation CD

Hymen records' new member ABS6 may be known to you from audioactivity, a collective of sound and visual artists founded in 2000 in Geneva, whose label members are divided between Switzerland, France and Belgium.

Amongst the artist's other projects are gerbem: ABS6's drum'n'bass project, and piouk! which resembles high-profile electronica. However, ABS6 goes one step further: the album 'Audiomedikation' manages to be both, and even more. The music melds and morphs like a kaleidoscope, endlessly turning and creating new perspectives for all lovers of electronic music.

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InfraRot item number:2007.597
Label's catalogue number:y785
2.Premiers Traitements
4.Reforme Alimentaire
5.Dazing Therapy
6.Dopamine Deficiency
7.Douce Trepanation
8.Basslines Enhancing The Intestinal Transit
9.Dancing Mass Index
10.Douce Trépanation (Remix By Mimetic)
11.Maybe It's Genetic (Abs6 Feat. Monsiuer.Connard)