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Adam Ant

"The Very Best Of"



Release: 2008
Status: Sold out
Adam Ant - The Very Best Of 2CD

InfraRot sales rank:996
InfraRot item number:2003.037
1.Prince Charming (Album Version)
2.Goody Two Shoes (Album Version)
3.Stand And Deliver (Album Version)
4.Antmusic - Demo Version
5.Kings Of The Wild Frontier (Album Version)
6.Dog Eat Dog - Remastered Album Version
7.Room At The Top - Single
8.Apollo 9 (Album Version)
9.Wonderful - Single
10.Friends - Single Version
11.Kick! - Single Version
12.Can't Set Rules About Love - Single
13.Zer#x (Album Version)
14.Vive Le Rock (Album Version)
15.Car Trouble - Single Version
16.Desperate But Not Serious (Album Version)
17.Strip - Single Version
18.Deutscher Girls (Album Version)
19.Young Parisians
20.Friend Or Foe (Album Version)
21.Ant Rap (Album Version)
22.Puss 'n Boots (Album Version)
23.Kings Of The Wild Frontier [Video]
24.Strip [Video]
25.Antmusic [Video]
26.Stand And Deliver [Video]
27.Prince Charming [Video]
28.Ant Rap [Video]
29.Goody Two Shoes [Video]
30.Puss 'n Boots [Video]