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"Post Mors Vitae"


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Release: 2016
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Adeonesis - Post Mors Vitae CD

Bolivian band was created in 2007 by two brothers - Wilger and Ferry. After debut album "The Rite Of Our Cross" there 4 years passed and now they back with a new and powerful material titled "Post Mors Vitae".band says:Our second official album entitled "Post mors vitae" This album is a part of a new phase, consisting of 15 new songs and all with his usual dark but also with a much more powerful touch. An arguably business with previous productions of the last decade. The packaging is a important issue with sharp details: It will displays all the artistic of our concept for each theme. With a broken voice without much postproduction, which highlights a unique realism. Death in the arms of demons "of a society in decay. "The songs on this album are autobiographical, but also have their own history in the sense of our personal lives. The songs are in order, which they were written and sung.This album left many scars, which were embodied in each song. "Finishing it was also a part of keep moving”. We will continue to the end in what we started. New surprises "People will realize in what we try and in what we do, no words are needed, music and sound speak for it selfs”.
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1.Inherente 2.58
2.Beyond Our Fears 4.34
3.Under My Instinct Murdered (Alien Vampires Vs Adeonesis) 4.30
4.Addicted To Your Pain 4.34
5.Empty Lost 4.55
6.Delusions 4.59
7.Insane Existence 4.05
8.Destroyed And Forgotten 4.24
9.The Cold Face Of Fate 4.40
10.The Taste Of Your Blood 4.32
11.This System (Featuring Stahlnebel & Black Selket) 4.45
12.Fuck Your Religion (Featuring Reaxion Guerrilla) 4.44
13.Destroyed And Forgotten (Remix By Xentrifuge) 4.12
14.Insane Existence (Es23 Remix) 4.59
15.Insane Existence (A7Ie Remix) 3.39