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"The Rite Of Our Cross"


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Release: 2012
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Adeonesis - The Rite Of Our Cross CD

'The Rite of Our Cross' is the third album by the bolivian band Adeonesis, now released under logo of Advoxya records. Adeonesis started recording this material in March, 2011, and ended exactly the June 26, 2012, in 'Deominus' (Adeonesis room-studio), album was produced by Wilger Ferry and members of the duo. Two previous works were released for free listening on the official site Adeonesis.

'We will not announce how it will sound on the album, because much willchange before the end, but ... nothing that you would expect. Not happymusic, but it's not as if we're dying.! Dark sarcastic, bloody, grotesqueand very different at the same time.'
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2.Christ Filled With Falsehoods
3.Lost Illusions
4.Your Mercy False
5.Mi Final
6.Sin Heart Breaking
7.Hell Without You
8.I Want To Die
9.My Wounds Bled
11.Help Me
12.Silence Screams
13.Blood In Your Cross
15.Nothing Remains
16.Hugging My Sins (Nohycit Vs Adeonesis)