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Aeon Sable



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Release: 2016
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Aeon Sable - Hypaerion CD

Coming in 6-panel Digipak!

Aeon Sable’s sound is defined by 100% artistic control and complete permutation of their artistic vision. The courage to indulge in epic styles is just as tangible as the authentic flair for imperishable effulgent melodies. Uncompromising Rock, resistant against the shackles of genres; multifaceted and groundbreaking. If darkness could sparkle then “Hypaerion” would surely exemplify the imperishable resplendence emanating from the album. “Hypaerion” is eternal. With the unusual white featuring in the artwork Aeon Sable deliberately create a direct contrast tothe fascinating darkness of the sound-universe that pulls the listener deep into the depths of subconsciousness.

With every album and each live performance Aeon Sable have left a distinct message: Whatever they do, they do it extremely well! “Hypaerion” marks further proof of their uniqueness!
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Label:Solar Lodge
4.Garden Of Light
5.Of Cats And Mice
6.White Snow