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After Forever

"Remagine (Expanded Edition)"


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Release: 2016
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After Forever - Remagine (Expanded Edition) 2LP

180g audiophile pressing, transparent green vinyl +8 Bonustracks Since the birth of After Forever in 1995, the band has continually strived to innovate. Remagine, albeit featuring the trusted sound we have come to know as typically After Forever, still manages to sound vital and new. After Forever have been enormously influential with regard to other bands, and were there at the birth of what has now become known as 'gothic metal'. But whatever influences were drawn from After Forever by subsequent bands, they all seem to miss the two characteristics that make After Forever particularly unique: the eternal desire to re-invent themselves and move forward, and of course the inimitable voice of Floor Jansen. Who later joined Nightwish. Jansen seems to switch effortlessly between her usual singing voice and a sensitive soprano, as well as being the driving force behind the choral singing featured on the album, and writing the majority of its lyrics. She also came up with the album's title. "The title is open to various interpretations, as are my lyrics", Jansen disclosed. "Some people read into the word "remagine" as being a sign that we are re-inventing ourselves. For me, it's combining dreaming with realism: a combination of 'reality' or 'reflection' and 'imagination'. On this album, dreams and reality merge together." Remagine has emerged as After Forever's most diverse and dynamic album, due to the band's ever-present urge to innovate. On this album, the band members are exploring the outer extremities of metal's borders, stepping outside them convincingly and with no qualms whatsoever at times, all the while retaining the unique identity that constitutes After Forever. Transmission, the label that discovered and signed After Forever, re-releases Remagine as a double-LP, containing 8 bonus-tracks. Included the non-album tracks Taste The Day (Remagine) & Live And Learn, Being Everyone - acoustic version and a touching piano version of Strong. The recordings have been dynamically remastered from the original masters and come packaged in a deluxe gatefold-sleeve, containing exclusive pictures, memorabelia and new liner notes by guitarist/composer Sander Gommans.
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3.Boundaries Are Open
4.Living Shields
5.Being Everyone
7.Free Of Doubt
8.Only Everything
10.Face Your Demons
11.No Control
13.Taste The Day (Remagine) (Non-Album Track)
14.Live And Learn (Non-Album Track)
15.Being Everyone (Acoustic Version)
16.Attendance (Industrial Remix)
17.Two Sides (Single Version)
18.Strong (Piano Version)
19.Face Your Demons (Alternative Version Feat. Marko Hietala)
20.Come (Session Version).