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Agent Side Grinder

"Irish Recording Tape (Limited Edition)"


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Release: 2016
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Agent Side Grinder - Irish Recording Tape (Limited Edition) LP

The return of a classic!!! These are the simple words to descre the long deleted classic "Irish Recoring Tape", originally released in 2010 by Swedish cult act Agent Side Grinder. This release holds several of the bands most classic tracks like "Die to Live", "Life in Advance" and many more.

An album which placed them on the very top when it comes to the minimal/postpunk/darkwave-scene. This exclusice reissue is limited to 500 copies worldwide on mint-green coloured vinyl.
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InfraRot item number:9947.892
Label:Progress Prod.
1.A1 Pulse
2.A2 Die To Live
3.A3 The Screams
4.A4 Blue Streaks
5.B1 Eyes Of The Old
6.B2 Telefunk
7.B3 Life In Advance
8.B4 Black Vein