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"In Terrorem"


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Release: 2010
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Aktive.Hate - In Terrorem CD

The debut album from the band from Portugal. Near two years after releasing his debut web-free release and one year after putting off his second demo record, Alex mr. ISK (electrobrain behind the project Aktive.Hate) is on the air again with 15 fresh unreleased songs.

His first physical debut outfit "In Terrorem" demonstrates the deep potential and talent in all synthpop and dark-electro genres. Aktive.Hate is one of the most interesting acts among the young breeds of electro-scene. Created in 2007 to explore a slightly different vein of sound, Aktive.Hate evolved into a presence of it's own, slowly defining itself as more than just a secondary offshoot. Dealing with both hate and love, pain and pleasure, this music strives to touch all the spektrum of human feelings. Dirty, dark, and vicious. Hurtful, sorrowful and hateful.
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Label's catalogue number:ad-hun-40-cd
1.- My Own God
2.- FU
3.- Sore Eyes
4.- Knee Deep
5.- Mixed Feelings
6.- Diseased
7.- Phantom
8.- 00h00
9.- Sacramentum
10.- Play The Game
11.- Handful Of Nothing
12.- Trigger Happy
13.- Chemicals
14.- Bipolar
15.- Play The Game (Twilight Freakshow Monster And Servant Mix)