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Release: 2016
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Alan Vega & Marc Hurtado - Sniper 2LP

ReRelease of RSD 2016 doubble LP incl. one bonus track. A collision between Suicide's legendary Alan Vega and Marc Hurtado, the sonic warrior from Etant Donnés. Lydia Lunch features on 'Prison Sacrifice'. Marc Hurtado met Alan Vega at the end of the 80s, and they first worked together in 1999 on four tracks of the record "Re-Up" by Etant Donnés (the band formed in 1977 by Marc Hurtado and his brother Eric). They played several shows together in Europe and in 2009 Marc Hurtado made a film about the visual work of Alan Vega. In 2016 Marc Hurtado has also finished a feature film about the works of Alan Vega and Martin Rev (Suicide). But let's go back to 2010, when the original limited edition of "Sniper" was first released. Recorded in France (Marc Hurtado), New York's 6/8 Studios (Alan Vega) and Barcelona (Lydia Lunch's collaboration on 'Prison Sacrifice'), this record is a few steps ahead of the satellite network and goes beyond the wildest expectations... in a very loud register. Imagine Elvis back from the dead, straddled on a rocket going in the opposite direction on the Brooklyn Bridge through motorists stuck in traffic while hurling cryptic slogans about the Civil War, nuclear radiation, Guantanamo and Treblinka. "Sniper" is a bit like this: each piece falls on you like a news flash presented by the corpse of Elvis boosted to techno. As for the news, it must be said that they are not all good. Vega is in charge of the utterance, in celestial rock star mode, while Hurtado handles the violent, futuristic electro music.
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2.Bang Bang
4.Juke Bone Done
5.Saturn Drive Duplex
8.Criss Cross
10.Crazy Driver
12.Let The Blood Drip
13.Prison Sacrifice
14.Saturn Drive Duplex Redux (Bonus Track)