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Alien Vampires

"Drag You To Hell (Limited Edition)"


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Release: 2015
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Alien Vampires - Drag You To Hell (Limited Edition) 2CD

This Autumn 2015, the masters of evil ALIEN VAMPIRES make their devastating comeback to Earth with the full length album “Drag You To Hell” whose title gives on itself the tone and taste of the full program!

In between their successful tours ...
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Label:Alfa Matrix
1.The Divinity Of Solitude [ Feat. Attila Csihar From Mayhem/sunn O))) ]
2.She Owns The Nite [ Lilith ]
3.You Wish Me Dead Get In Line
4.All The Fakes Must Die
5.Drag You To Hell
6.Psycho Bitch [ Feat. Sin Quirin From Ministry & Charles Edward From Mayhem ]
7.Sworn To The Lust
8.Lock It
10.You Rule, I Cum
11.Undivided Wholeness [ Feat. Nero Bellum From Psyclon Nine ]
12.Dark Energy
13.No Return From Where I Am Going [ Feat. Charles Edward From Mayhem ]
14.Better Enemies Than Friends
16.All The Fakes Must Die [Xotox Remix]
17.All The Fakes Must Die [Iszoloscope Remix]
18.All The Fakes Must Die [Noiz+Zilenth Remix]
19.All The Fakes Must Die [God Destruction Remix]
20.You Wish Me Dead Get In Line [T3Rr0R 3Rr0R Remix]
21.Unidentified [Avarice In Audio Remix]
22.Unidentified [C-Lekktor Remix]
23.Unidentified [Madmancircus Remix]
24.All The Fakes Must Die [Benjamin’S Plague Remix]
25.Unidentified [Terrorfrequenz Remix]
26.You Wish Me Dead Get In Line [Stereo Sin Remix]
27.You Wish Me Dead Get In Line [Sleetgrout Remix]
28.All The Fakes Must Die [Speed Injektion Remix]
29.You Wish Me Dead Get In Line [Av Guitars Mix Feat. Charles Edward From Mayhem]
30.Undivided Wholeness [Av Dark Mix Feat. Nero Bellum From Psyclon Nine]
31.I Love Death More Than Life
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