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All My Faith Lost

"The Hours"


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Release: 2010
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All My Faith Lost - The Hours CD

Finally this wonderful album sees a re-release on Projekt, coming in nice 6-panel eco-wallet! Romantic, melancholic, seductive. Acoustic, ethereal, lush. Sensual, beautiful and stirring. All are good words to describe 'The Hours' passionate search through the soul.

The Italian duo of Viola and Federico create graceful and elegant music for fans of Heavenly Voices, Ethereal & Dark Folk soundscapes. All My Faith Lost's second album quickly follows their 2005 debut on Cold Meat Industry. The album is slow and tranquil, featuring male and female vocals which serve as instruments contributing to the soundscape of acoustic guitar, flute, piano, violin, and cello.

All My Faith Lost... unlock a beautifully tender and delicate world, a view into the soul of delicate seduction.
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InfraRot item number:2008.172
Label's catalogue number:PRO203
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