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"The Time It Takes To Smile"



Release: 2013
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AlterRed - The Time It Takes To Smile CD

The Time It Takes To Smile' is the third studio album from London based electro‐cabaret artists, AlterRed. The third album also concludes the AlterRed & Emily story which has been the central narrative of the previous two albums and the live shows. Focussing on the themes of detachment, aloneness and isolation, and further developing AlterRed’s minimalist dark‐synth meets piano‐cabaret sound, the album is a collection of songs written from the perspective of some the characters within the narrative, as well as observations of the situation they are in. Confusion, fear, desperation, regret and disassociation, all of this transpires in the 'Time it Takes to Smile'.
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1.In The Garden
2.Suits Me Like A Coma
3.All Or Nothing
7.Not Coping
8.Better Than Mending
9.Red And Black Coins
10.Me And Conrad Veidt
11.She Still Fascinates Me