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Amber Asylum

"Sin Eater"


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Release: 2015
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Amber Asylum - Sin Eater 2LP

Gatefold 2LP (black 180g vinyl) incl. poster, etching on Side D and PVC protection sleeve (500 copies available)

Amber Asylum are unique. For 20 years now, the quartet from San Francisco has been known for an introspective, abysmal mixture of neo-classical music, Dark Ambient and Doom spanning all genres. Kris Force' exceptional talent has impressed such diverse artists as Neurosis, Swans, Jarboe, Monte Cazazza, Sol Invictus or Lux Interna, some of whom have collaborated with the creative head for several years.On "Sin Eater", Amber Asylum's first studio effort in six years, the four musicians combine the ominous energy of their drum- and bass-heavy albums "Garden Of Love" (2005) sowie "Still Point" (2007) with the lushest string arrangements in the band's history
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