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Andreas Dorau

"Aus der Bibliothèque"


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Release: 2014
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Andreas Dorau - Aus der Bibliothèque CD

Finally an ALL NEW album by the grandmaster of German pop! This is indeed the first album Dorau recorded with a band since "Demokratie" (1988). Backed by "Die Liga der gewöhnlichen Gentlemen" (the league of common gentlemen), he sought inspiration in the quarry of ideas known as the Hamburg Central Library. In fact Dorau dedicated his new album to the public libraries of Hamburg. To be precise, the main library on a street called "Hühnerposten". Dorau has spent much of his free time here in recent years. "The library is the little internet for haptic people," said Dorau. "And why should I spend money on books, music or DVDs, if they just gather dust?" Thus, he found the subject matter for the new album here: The section for Hamburg History, where he found a passage on the horrific serial killer Fritz Honka ("Tannenduft"); in the science department, on the equally essential and popular element hydrogen ("Wasserstoff"); or simply pondering while gazing out the window ("Bienen am Fenster"). Even the journey there was enough to merit a potential hit ("Faul und bequem"). Taking a taxi to the lending library – now that's style.The band sound was provided by Die Liga der gewöhnlichen Gentlemen, brothers in spirit and, incidentally, also friends of the lending library. Dorau's version of a singing and sounding library was created using banjos, saxophones, guitars, drum machines, an old piano, a Hofner violin bass and a great deal more. The result: poppy krautrock, Beatlesque sunshine pop, soft rock and electronic. In short, a superb album! The Vinyl edition also contains the CD!
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3.Der Monat
6.Reden Wir Von Mir
8.Stählerner Adler
9.Sabelle Fliegt
10.Faul Und Bequem
12.Bienen Am Fenster
13.Für Immer