InfraRot Cannibal (c) Pit Hammann

Andrew Liles



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Release: 2016
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Andrew Liles - Miscellany-Lussuoso 3CD

"3 hour anthology of 52 previously unreleased Electronica and Ambient soundscapes from the last 25 years. The album is a mature blend of brand new material, up-dated and adapted pieces and raw, untouched and unadulterated tracks from yesteryear. Deluxe 8 panel fold-out digipack. "It's been an incredibly enjoyable experience putting together this anthology. I can remember where and when each and every one of these recordings were made. A lot of the tracks were made using a SH101, Alesis MMT-8, Akai X7000 sampler and Tascam four track tape machine, all second-hand, and even at the time fairly primitive technology. The majority of the tracks were made in the early 90's in London, an era when I was listening to a lot of music from the emerging ambient' and electronica scenes - Warp, Rephlex, R&S, Apollo and an assortment of other labels. These records in part influenced what I was creating at the time. There is no chronological pattern to the running order of the discs, it's up to you to ponder when they were recorded. Some tracks sound a lot older than they actually are, and others more contemporary than the year in which they were originally recorded." - ANDREW LILES
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1.Life Is An Empty Place (2Nd Life Mix)
3.Touch, But Never Enough
4.I've Seen The Future
5.Weasel (Iv)
6.O' Me O' My
7.Brain Oscillator Circuits
8.Son Of Samantha
9.Tutty Pipkin's Under Mummy Disco
10.The Sensorium Podulum Capsule
11.Clog Blockers (Heavy Flow)
13.6 And 2 And 3 And 4
15.Look At Yourself, Shambles
16.Sticky Tissue Funk
17.Stench Of Boy Sick
18.Hoe Land Security
20.God Ios Dead
21.Astral Telex Machine
22.Pudding Pot Ticklers
23.Siwa Shigellosis
24.Tutty Pipkin's Sunshine Saunter
25.Caught In The Inbetween
26.Tennessee Top Hat
27.Tutty Pipkin's Boom Sharoom
28.A Hiding Place For A Wank Mag
29.I Don't Belong Here
30.Time Chamber (Ii)
31.Coconut Matting
32.Very Controlled Panic
34.Active Ingredients
36.Exploitation And Victimisation
37.Extramundane Monotonics
38.Was Telepathic
39.Biomorphic Sinews
40.Applied Psychotronics
41.Tutty Pipkin's Wry Smiles With Liles
42.What Goes Around
43.It's A Cold World
44.'kin 'ed Kicked In
45.Diodes (Iii)
46.Male Impotence
47.Monoamine Oxidase Inhibitor
48.Accumulated Errors
49.E177Qq (Chequers Mix)
50.Crumble Jumbaleen
51.The Tall Cube
52.Push Button Daisy