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Release: 2015
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Anenzephalia - Noehaem MC

Noehaem stands out of the Anenzephalia catalogue - a monumental industrial world on Cassette for the 1st time - now that both formats LP and CD are sold out!MOST PEOPLE NEVER GROW UP, ARE LIKE CHILDREN PLAYING GAMES, USING TOYS AND TOOLS THEY DO NOT UNDERSTAND, FULLFILLING RULES THEY DO NOT KNOW . PLAY MY CHILDREN, LIKE THIS WAS YOUR PLANET... NOEHAEM WAS ORIGINALLY RELEASED ON RECORD AND CD IN COLLABORATION WITH TESCO GERMANY IN 2003,NOW WE HAVE 2015 AND NOTHING HAS CHANGED,- BUT ONE TRACK MORE... analogue ambient terror describing the world of tomorrow: displaced minds in an estranged but seemingly well known environment, that has its independent meaning and function!
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