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Release: 2012
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Angstfabrikk - Uneilig CD

The album 'Uneilig' is seeing the lights of the city, of the whole continent, the lights of the day. Hereby, the three blood-curdling members of Angstfabrikk (Ralf, Mike and Eric) are setting another milestone on behalf of sustainability and a positive carbon footprint.

It´s their particular contribution on the matter of deceleration. Quotation: "Anyone can make broad strokes - we rather fiddle about the edges!"

Actually, the album was supposed to be called 'P.O.S.T', however, the idea was monitored and stolen. However, as anybody might remember from childhood-days: playing "telephone", the final result is usually quite different from the beginning. Hence, a well-known Electropopband from Berlin now calls their album 'S.T.O.P.' Good luck to them, we keep our fingers crossed.

'Uneilig' does in no case refer to the tempi of the different songs, as they are lively and danceable. A broad sound spectrum from shallow electropop to mechanical flinty EBM even Cybergoths get their money's worth. 'Uneilig' rather refers to the time of production, only haste makes waste!
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InfraRot item number:2011.586
Label:JUT Records
Label's catalogue number:JUT00112
1.Flucht Aus Berlin
5.EBM Aerobique
7.Maschinqua Quaputt
10.Ameriquanos (Instrumental)
11.Slot Machine (Feat. Dennis Schober)