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Anna Aliena

"Alien Pop"



Release: 2013
Status: Sold out
Anna Aliena - Alien Pop MCD

On her debut EP as a solo artist Anna Aliena sang about “Silly Little Boys“ (2011), then she turned into “Cinderella“ (2012) and travelled to the far north. The third EP “Alien Pop“ is a celebration of her self‐made genre alien pop: The opera pop diva composed five new tunes full of catchy choruses, danceable beats and musical twists which come as a surprise. Little green men, intergalactic terrorists and E.T. have not much in common with Anna Aliena's work. Under the cloak of alien pop she allows herself all kinds of stylistic blendings which pop up in her mind during her productions.

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Label:Go!Diva Records
1.Floating In Space
3.I'm Gonna Win
4.Alien Pop
5.The Show Goes On