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Anna’s Tree

"The Border"


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Release: 2014
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Anna’s Tree - The Border CD

Founded by a sudden inspiration by Carine Grieg (Collection d’Arnell-Andrea, O Quam Tristis) and Tibo d’Abo (Collection d’Arnell-Andrea), the project Anna’s Tree was born in late 2002. It is composed by three members: Carine (piano, vocals), Soline Willoquaux (guitar, vocals) and Tibo (guitars, violin, voices). The trio from Orléans explores the meandres of pop, post-rock and Folk and composes quite unique, chaotic ballads of shining beauty, but always with a glimpse of frightening undertone…

A very promising French project, that unites 3 talented and experienced musicians in a fresh and new sound with English lyrics.
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1.The Somber Prince
2.I Will Not
3.In Memories
4.A Bar In Town
5.Away 06 The Sofa
6.Mrs Muir's Glass Of Milk
8.Il Doesn't Matter
9.My Christmas Present
10.As The Day Will Be
11.The "hopper" Moment
12.The Four Muses
14.The Lost Twin