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Anode (Productions)

"Recordings 1974-79"



Release: 2015
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Anode (Productions) - Recordings 1974-79 2LP

Anode has been the professional alias ("nom de plume") of Robert Carlberg since 1972. Seattle-based Anode has dabbled in musique concrète, minimalism tape- music, drones, manipulations and other non-keyboard-based electronics. Through founding a newsletter for electronic musicians in 1979 called SYNEX (together with Charles Larrieu) as well as establishing one of the first DIY-Tape-Labels named Anode Productions and releasing works by himself and Kerry Leimer and writing a monthly column for Electronic Musician Magazine (1979-1989) and Polyphony, Robert was one of the very first active cassette-producing-artists, label-runners, editor, networker and catalyst for the DIY electronic music exchange worldwide and one of the most important persons and influencial artists for what has to become the "Cassette Culture." Tracks on this release include recordings from various Tape-Sources recorded between 1994 and 79 such as ‚Trips North Trips South’, ‚Kinetic Experiment’, ‚early Tapeworm’, ‚Floyd Cramer’...
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Label:Vinyl On Demand
1.A1 25-In High 1:08
2.A2 Cacopheno Part 1 And 2 2:35
3.A3 Babies Have To Be White 0:53
4.A4 Symphony For Steel String Guitar 7:56
5.A5 From The Waist Down 4:38
6.A6 Cluter 2:07
7.A7 17 Ways To Skin A Cat 0:41
8.A8 The Fish Milk Syndrom 3:31
9.A9 Original Syn 1:33
10.A10 Reflective Calm 3.08
11.B1 Stop It! 2:24
12.B2 Evening Thoughts 8:50
13.B3 Skydiving With Lepers 1:58
14.B4 Steel Wool Clouds 2:39
15.B5 Loeon 3:40
16.B6 Dreams Of Sleeping
17.B7 Quiet Synth 1:37
18.A1 Downtime 1979 20:00
19.A2: Luxus 1978 8:16
20.B1: Trips North Trips South Not Intended For Consumption 1977 21:40
21.B2: Ataraxia 1979 9:00