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"Hellish Puzzle"


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Release: 2016
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Antibiosis - Hellish Puzzle CD

Antibiosis is the Russia based band formely includes 2 members - Roman and Denis. This debut release presents to the listener excellently combined work, full of original melodies and industrial beats, mixed with harsh vocals - as it expected in harsch-electro genre. The album contains 16 songs, among which there are remixes from already well-known bands as A7IE, Viscera Drip, Adeonesis, CutOff:Sky and collaboration with Stahlnebel & BlackSelket. Design for the album was created by Wilger / Adeonesis, mastering provided by StahlBlack Studio. Our congratulations to the band - one of the best release in 2016, talented new-comer in russian and (let hope so) world industrial / dark-electro scene.
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1.Price Paid For Your Sins
3.Living Dead
4.Extinct Universe
5.Gas Asphyxiation
6.Geh Weiter (Feat. Stahlnebel & Blackselket)
7.Deformed Life
8.Terror Followers
9.Medieval Devilry
11.Deformed Life (A7Ie Remix)
12.Extinct Universe (Apocalypsy Remix By Alien Nation)
13.Deformed Life (Venal Flesh Remix)
14.Medieval Devilry (Cutoff:sky Remix)
15.Extinct Universe (Adeonesis Remix)
16.Wishmaster (Viscera Drip Remix)