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"Marigot Bay"


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Release: 2015
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Arabesque - Marigot Bay LP

Arabesque's third LP, "Marigo Bay" (also known as "Arabesque III"), was released 1980 and was a littl unusual one in the sense of the music itself. All in all, Disco was four of five years old and had become a little unfashionable to the general public. So, now we can call "Marigot Bay" "an album where Euro Disco was born" - the dance rhythms and the singers' natural charms were reinforced with things unusual for the pure American Disco style, specifically the rock'n'roll guitar and vocal stylings. So the glorious results: "Jingle Jangle Joe" sounded very much like a remake of Cher's 1966 hit "Bang Bang (My Baby Shot Me Down)" and "Take Me Don't Break Me" is a true rock'n'roll tune with a Disco beat. And one more thing: "Marigot Bay" was the very first album in the history of Disco where the songs have quite serious lyrics, not just "dance, dance, dance..." But the ballad "The Only Night Was A Lonely Night" stands head and shoulders over all the other songs on the album, and it was one of the most popular Arabesque's tracks in then-USSR. This latest Mirumir re-issue is a truly deluxe one: all songs are remastered from the analog tapes, sleeve design restored on silver foiled card paper and there's 8-page booklet with song lyrics and rare band photos
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1.High Life,
2.Jingle Jangle Joe,
3.Roller Star,
4.Bye Bye My Love,
5.Marigot Bay,
6.Rock'n'roll Fan (Exclusive Bonus Track),
7.Parties In The Penthouse,
8.Once In A Blue Moon,
9.Hey Catch On,
10.Take Me Don't Break Me,
11.The Only Night Was A Lonely Nigh