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"Ditirambos Al Dios De La Guerra"


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Release: 2015
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Argentum - Ditirambos Al Dios De La Guerra CD

9 tracks, 40 minutes, CD, 4 side digipack Martial industrial/Neoclassic/Ambient The album full of colossal admiration for the Greek pantheon presented by the cult band Argentum. Overwhelming hymns with lyrics in Greek language, infused as components in an alchemic retort, only to make an unforgettable impression. Music is a secret way to Homer's "Iliad", Ovid's "Metamorphoses", to Aeschylus and Hesiod, to the mythological Olympus, the sacred mountain, the place of residence of the gods headed by Zeus. During the Great Dionysias in Athens choirs if singers dressed in goat skins were singing hymns - dithyrambs accompanying dances, and so the album if full of wine and hop spirit. Drunken satyrs with tails and goat legs carry old Silenus on a donkey, a wise teacher, to the sounds of flutes, pan-pipes and timpanis. The Agrentinian project's music opens slowly, moving from majestic hymns to resilient electronic rhythm, from conspiracy to Hercules, to the Orphic spells, to Zeus, from life to death, from pain to ecstasy. The Olympians pass in front of us and glorify their power, interwining Futhark and Ancient Greek, symbols of war and improving the magical experience, animal and divine nature. ltd.400
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1.Hó Theós 7:15
2.Pólemos 2:41
3.Hálito De Todo 4:01
4.Dentro Del Agua 3:33
5.Tyr Mit Uns 4:51
6.Heimaterde 3:26
7.Bello El Peligro 3:55
8.Thánatos 4:39
9.Die Kehre 5:50