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Art Abscons

"Les Sentiers Eternels"


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Release: 2015
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Art Abscons - Les Sentiers Eternels CD

Art Abscons is one of the most favourite current neofolk projects. «Les Sentiers Éternels» including 10 tracks finished and mixed in early 2012. This work took about one and a half years in the making and shows further development both in technical refinement and the creative side of the project. The genre borders of neofolk are broken and we see here a varied mix of many style elements – from pure dark folk guitar ballads to more eclectic conceptual tracks close to something which could be defined as kraut-rockish psychedelic industrial, from electro-pop / minimal wave tunes to harsher and more aggressive pieces. The album was produced according to an innovative recording technique called «Stereo Spektral Sunrise» and is the first album to feature the SPEKTRALOPHONE, a sort of organic synthesizer developed by Art Abscon himself. «Les Sentiers Éternels» also brings Art Abscons' spiritual kinship with American neofolk project Gnomonclast to a new level and contains various noteworthy contributions from N2 ItinitI and Sasha Feline.Limited edition of 300 copies.
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Label:Fronte Nordico
1.Die Zeit Ist Tot 5:01
2.Das Seltsame Jahr 3:38
3.Die Schwarzen Schlüssel 4:25
4.Das Buch Des Gesetzes 3:34
5.Agelstern Varwe 3:42
6.‘Les Sentiers Éternels’ 4:07
7.Parzival 4:32
8.Lichtpunkt Des Schwebens 5:00
9.Wiederkehr 6:04
10.Der Stern 1:50
11.Ruhe 6:15