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"Maskenhaft (Ultimate Edition)"



Release: 2013
Status: Sold out
ASP - Maskenhaft (Ultimate Edition) 3CD

This Ultimate-Edition is strictly limited to 5,000 copies worldwide:

  • Opulent triple CD
  • CD #1 featuring a special mix of the album for home listening
  • CD #2 featuring an alternative mix of the album
  • Bonus CD featuring remixes and alternative versions of SAMSAS TRAUM, ZEROMANCER, etc.
  • A sumptuous illustrated picture book in a 28 x 28 cm format worthy of the art world 92(!) page hardback book
  • High grade art print on high quality matt laminated uncoated woodfree 150g art paper
  • Black front and rear endpapers
  • The book contains additional artwork and exclusive illustrations of Timo Würz
  • The book contains all lyrics and additional poetry of Asp
  • The book contains a preface to “MASKENHAFT” by famous German author Kai Meyer
  • 36 page ASP wall calendar (August 2013 – December 2014)
  • Hand-numbered certificate of authenticity which has been personally signed by Asp and Timo Würz
  • Packaged in a box with silver hot foil on cover and inside black printing

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Label's catalogue number:TRI 473
2.Die Kreatur Mit Der Stählernen Maske
5.Schneefall In Der Hölle
6.Die Löcher In Der Menge
8.Das Märchen Vom Wildfang-Windfang (Schlüpftanz)
10.Per Aspera Ad Aspera
11.Die Klippe
12.Carpe Noctem (Circadiane Rhythmik Remix Von Lutz Demmler)
13.Panzerhaus (Zeromancer Remix)
14.Wanderer (Patrick Damiani Remix)
15.Weichen[T]Stellung (Spießrutentanz Remix Von Lutz Demmler)
16.Per Aspera Ad Aspera (Langes Elend-Schnitt)
17.Die Kreatur Mit Der Stählernen Maske (Samsas Traum Akustik-Cover-Version)