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"Verfallen – Folge 1: Astoria"


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Release: 2015
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ASP - Verfallen – Folge 1: Astoria CD

CD in 6-panel digipak48 pages containing the scarily beautiful pictorial worlds of cult artworker Joachim LuetkeIncludes complete album lyrics

October 16th 2015 sees the release of the first part of a new narrative by ASP. For this album, Songwriter and Singer Asp has turned “Das Fleisch der Vielen” (“The flesh of many”), a haunting short story exclusively written for this compelling project by bestselling German author Kai Meyer, into a melodious horror tale. The album cycle “Fremd”, its current release “Maskenhaft” having peaked on the Media Control Charts at Number 2, will be continued after the completion of the second part of VERFALLEN.

Folge (episode) 1: Astoria. The ...
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1.Himmel Und Hölle (Kreuzweg)
2.Mach’S Gut, Berlin!
3.Zwischentöne: Ich Nenne Mich Paul
4.Zwischentöne: Baukörper
5.Begeistert (Ich Bin Unsichtbar)
6.Zwischentöne: Lift
7.Astoria Verfallen
8.Souvenir, Souvenir
9.Zwischentöne: Blank
10.Dro[Eh]Nen Aus Dem Rostigen Kellerherzen
11.Alles, Nur Das Nicht!
13.Fortsetzung Folgt … 1