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"Oil on Canvas Vol.2 (Limited Edition)"


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Release: 2015
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Ataraxia - Oil on Canvas Vol.2 (Limited Edition) CD

In beautiful glossy digipak, limited to 500 copies, 5 bonus-tracks and with slightly different vari- ations of the original lay-out, based on beautiful picturs by Mick ‘Goth Pope’ Mercer…

Second edition with 5 unreleased tracks. The compilation includes a cover version for piano of ‘Lucretia’, that will be included in the re-release of ‘Il Fantasma dell'Opera’ in the near future. Ataraxia also decided to include a completely exclusive new song called SUBLIMATIO and afew of the tracks already compiled on the original Oil on Canvas + several new songs never compiled before especially belonging to the last productions of the band (Kremasta Nera, Llyr, Spasms, Wind at Mount Elo). The result is a kind of progression of the original CD, that was released [and old out fast] by Ultra-Mail HongKong in 2008 in a sumptous Book+CD edition.
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1.Sublimatio (Exclusive)
2.Of Asphodel (From Saphir)
3.The Bay Is White In Silent Light (From Vittorio Vandelli's Solo Album)
4.Donc, Je Dois Etre Morte (From Spasms)
5.Lunar Oceans (From Long Deleted Compilation)
6.Rashan (Exclusive For Oil On Canvas I)
7.Evnyssien (From Llyr)
8.Temenos (Exclusive For Oil On Canvas I)
9.La Fame E La Danza (From Kremasta Nera)
10.Lost Cosmonaut (From Wind At Mount Elo)
11.May She Become (From Long Deleted Cchinese Compilation)
12.Whisper O'er The Sea (From Vittorio Vandelli's Solo Album)