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"Wind at Mount Elo"


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Release: 2014
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Ataraxia - Wind at Mount Elo CD

After the recent, quite ‘different’ release ‘Spasms’ on Infinite Fog, here now finally the NEW ‘regular’ ATARAXIA album – their first regular album since Llyr (Prikosnovenie, 2010)!!!

‘Wind at Mount Elo’ is another Modern Classical/Neofolk masterpiece by the Italian project,active, successful and highly respected worldwide since their first appearance in 1990.

Ataraxia in their own words on ‘Wind at Mount Elo’:

“On a day of Winter 2012, Springtime came.At Mount Elo.With the Wind.Warm. Powerful. Radical.

When the wind of change ...
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1.I Am 8:54
2.Espirito Del Agua 6:12
3.Innocence (The Same Or A New One)5:33
4.My Lips Blow You Wind 5:00
5.She-He Renewed 3:34
6.In(K) Meditation 7:10
7.Absorbed 3:52
8.Lost Cosmonaut 6:47
9.Grace Rhythm 4:53
10.Sei L'oro Che Ti Veste 4:19
11.Truth Explored 5:49
12.Purity Movement 8:25