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Atrax Morgue

"Mörder Machine (Limited Box Set)"

3CD + DVD + MC

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Release: 2016
Status: Ready to be shipped in 2-4 days
Atrax Morgue - Mörder Machine (Limited Box Set) 3CD + DVD + MC

Coming in a simple black box with small silver logo, including the 5 audio- and visual objects plus a couple of inserts...The entire package was conceived (if possible) in the old way of releasing tapes, discs come in card-sleeves with simple b/w photocopy effects, same for the MC

Two reels full of unreleased ...
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Label:Old Europa Café
1.Living Dead 7:02
2.Night Is Coming. Forever. 6:47
3.Lorna Green 6:18
4.Hell Is Here 7:22
5.Happy Birthday 6:22
6.I + M 7:44
7.I'm So 5:56
8.What's A Human 7:35
9.Andei-Ice (Destructive Element) 6:48
10.I'm So (Reprise) 4:47
11.Deathshow 9:59
12.Terrortory 5:41
13.Music For Dead Brains 12:39
14.Reel I 51:32
15.A. Reel Ii 21:45
16.B. Reel Ii 21:46
17.Ii Congresso Post Industriale 33:19
18.I Congresso Post Industriale 48:57
19.Another Shot At Imperium Dancing 25:04
20.Imperium Dancing 22:07