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"Recurring Nightmares"


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Release: 2014
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Atropine - Recurring Nightmares CD

The EBM / industrial scene will be pleased with the newest release by Atropine, a Norwegian duo consisting of ALX and Cthulberg who explore, experiment and create sounds formally advanced through a wide range of modern hardware/software equipments in a combination with instruments from the 70s and 80s. Both members were previously protagonists in electronic projects such as Epilektrician, Panzerveps and Pogrom Synod and look back on years of experience in producing sound made of harsh vocalizations, minimal programmed symmetries, hypnotic midtempo/up- tempo drum-machine sections, samplings and icy synths. After a first album ("Master Raze", 2001), the project has been put on ice and is now back to surprise the scene again, this time with a new album that features 13 episodes, that transmit restlessness, mystery and alienating atmospheres. Dive into a dark spiral of technological modu- lations. The new release is founded on dry and robotic drumming combined with precise sequences, aggressive vocals, poisonous lyrics, alienating industrial resonances, effects and by minimal key-boards. An unmissable opportunity to listen to a parallel conception of technological sound: welcome to the sinister side of Electronic Body Music!
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1.Glass Jaw
3.Remaining Limb
4.Retch Trigger
5.The Second Culling
9.Black Sludge
13.Churn (Struck9 Remix)