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"Anthologie 1982-1988"


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Release: 2014
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Ausweis - Anthologie 1982-1988 2CD

Genre: Post-punk, French indie, Goth. Deluxe double digipak with 24 pages bookletBorn in 1981 Ausweis is one of the greatest punk/cold wave French bands. Conceived by Hugo on vocals and Michel playing bass guitar, the two were joined in 1985 by Croc and Luz and Janko on bass and drums. 1986 saw the arrival of Fiflo on synths. In 1984 the project released it’s only official, self-titled Album ‘Ausweis’. In 1985 the track Ella Choixe is featured on V.i.S.A présente cassette tape, and the same year saw the release of a first 12” (Victime) and a live-tape. ‘Jour de Haine’ was their second 12”, released in 1986 to much praise of the critics and was followed shortly after by the 7” ‘Pas Demain’. ‘Anthologie 1982-1988’ collects ALL these tracks in re-mastered quality and all tracks are herewith available for the first time ever on CD format, packaged in a beautiful Digipak with extended 24 p. booklet
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3.Gangsters United
4.Ella Choice
7.Phase Fatale
10.Les Phalanges
11.La Chasse
12.Gom Jabbar
13.Jour De Haine
14.Les Rois
15.Le Sang Et Les Fusils
16.Jack (Dub)
17.Pas Demain
18.Un Monde Nouveau
19.Scandale Dans La Famille
20.Trou Mental
21.Dr Diktature
23.Dieu Est Mort
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