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"Dancing Through Dark Times"


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Release: 2011
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Auto.Auto - Dancing Through Dark Times CD

Erik Frankel and Johan Hellqvist, better known as Auto-Auto have unleashed their creative machinery again. Their third album, 'Dancing through Dark Times', combines catchy Synth Pop with Club-Sounds, Electroclash, Disco, New Wave and Indie in a most entertaining way. The Swedes go about their poaching trip through the electronic jungle in a highly groovy way, with their tongues planted firmly in their cheeks and are not afraid of borrowing from unconventional sources (Breakdance-influences and more...) The result is fresh, wild, sometimes strange but always catchy as hell and, to be frank with you: it is quite plainly the hottest shit on this side of the galaxy. We will just leave the boring parts to the others!
InfraRot sales rank:449
InfraRot item number:2010.051
Label:Out Of Line
Label's catalogue number:OUT513
1.Dancing Through Dark Times
3.Our New Machine
4.Rabbits Of Belgium
5.Black Disco Ball
6.Der Club Mix (Remix)
7.Re-Program Me
8.Someone Out There
10.Cosmic Injustice
11.Zombies On MTV
12.Cigarettes And Contraband