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"Palladium (2013 Re-Edition)"


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Release: 2013
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Autopsia - Palladium (2013 Re-Edition) CD

Another re-release of a long deleted, historical cult album from 1991.

AutopsiA is a legendary band, they are among the pioneers of the real industrial genre! This re-edition was completely remasterd using the modern sound standards and is coming with 4 additional bonus [rare and unreleased] tracks.

The music of AutopsiA oscillates from romanticism to avantgarde, from bizarre to sublime simplicity, from coldness to warmth, from exclusiveness to popularity. The songs of AutopsiA are wanderer songs.

"Palladium" leads us to great gates, gates through which there is no passing-by.
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Label:Old Europa Café
Label's catalogue number:OECD184
1.I Trotz Und Hingabe
2.Ii Abfall Und Aufstieg
3.Iii Das Gesetz Des Tages Und Leidenschaft Zur Nacht
4.Iv Der Reichtum Des Vielen Und Das Eine
5.Factory Ritual 2
6.Factory Ritual 5
7.Hymn Ii (1982)
8.Factory Ritual 7