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"l'avenir est un cerf teint"


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Release: 2016
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Axiome - l'avenir est un cerf teint CD

since it began in 1991, axiome formed by c-drik fermont and olivier moreau has passed through an unexpected evolution, journeying through most different electronic music genres. over the years, complex industrial and breakcore elements turned into straightforward idm, electro and acid components bit by bit without losing this project's explorative trait.'l'avenir est un cerf teint' introduces a broad range of tempers between the dark icy menace of classic belgian electronic body music and the euphoria of a technoid rave. besides the omnipresent sub-bass, saturated beats and subliminal dots of experimental electronics, the focus of these eleven compositions is also set on elaborate melodic themes which indelibly stick in the listener's album which perfectly bridges the gap between ambitious and accessible - as coherent as an axiom, and as enigmatic as the album title. highly recommended.
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1.Walrus On The Rocks
2.Le Cri Du Gecko
3.L’Échappée Du Yucca
4.The Hummus Eating Lion
5.Solidified Tsunami
7.La Chute Du Guide Téléphonique
8.Images Du Désastre
9.La Rupture Van Numisma
10.Mise À Nuit
11.Trop Tard