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Azure Blue

"Beyond The Dreams There's Infinite Doubt / Rule Of Thirds"



Release: 2014
Status: Sold out
Azure Blue - Beyond The Dreams There's Infinite Doubt / Rule Of Thirds 2LP

Anna was offering AZURE BLUE's debut album "Rule Of Thirds" in her mail order section when it came out which was special because it differed from the usual early 80's or contemporary 'minimal synth' or 'cold wave' related releases sold there. But what was even more special was that Anna declared the album as "Best album of 2011" which she never did before, or after. Why? Because this album was simply so special, so utterly beautiful, soft, sublime, emotional and touching. A warm melange of electro pop, new wave, shoegaze, or maybe simply termed dream pop as some like to call it, with incredibly strong, catchy yet deep pop songs throughout the album with no drop outs at all ... when suddenly the follow-up album "Beyonds The Dreams There's Infinite Doubt" was announced, with its first single "The Road I Know", and Anna was blown away again, what a masterpiece of melancholic synth/dream pop so Anna couldn't do otherwise than officially expressing her wish to release this on quality vinyl via Anna Logue Records, adding the debut album for a vinyl premiere, somehow like said and done, now.

So, AZURE BLUE is the ...
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InfraRot item number:9943.204
Label:Anna Logue Records
1.Time Is On Our Side 4:48
2.The Road I Know 6:05
3.Willows And Pines 3:53
4.Sunrise 1:24
5.When The Love Is Pure And True 5:48
6.Sunset 3:56
7.Do Not Go Gentle 2:06
8.The Bitter End 3:42
9.By Your Side 4:05
10.Beyond The Dreams 3:12
11.Fingers 4:15
12.The Catcher In The Rye 3:29
13.Seasons 3:01
14.Little Confusions 3:07
15.Long Way Down 3:05
16.Dreamy Eyes 4:09
17.The Shore 5:08
18.Two Hearts 2:44
19.Chesil Beach 4:49