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Release: 2013
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Babel 17 - Leviathan CD

BABEL 17 are a French electro-punkoid-synthetico pop-acoustics-industrialist band with severe tendencies that was very successful with two albums (1990 + 1991) on legendary French label ‘Lively Art’. The band re-united in 2009 and returned with the highly praised album ‘The Ice Wall’.

‘Leviathan’ is their 4th regular Studio album - After the icy cold chill of ‘The Ice Wall’, here’s the hot rage of Leviathan! The album features 10 all new recordings, harder and tougher than on the previous album, also thans to the arrival of new member Vincent K. (DJ and former No Tears-bassist) in 2010.

BABEL 17 was founded late 1988 by Jean Franceschi, Vincent Porte and Vincent Perret. Their music is influenced by the coldwave, post punk, 80's pre-goth scene, industrial... and also by new-wave, psychedelic rock, dub, EBM, 80's minimal techno... The band was quickly signed to Lively Art (new wave/coldwave/electro subdivision of New Rose, the BIGGEST French indie label at the time), who published two successful albums, "Celeano Fragments" (1990) and "Shades" (1991). They appeared on countless compilations and toures extensively in the early 90ies.
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1.One More Body
3.It Follows
4.So Dangerous
8.Harmony By Conflict
9.Don’T Pay With Me
10.Nuclear Rising Sun