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Baby Dee

"The Robin's Tiny Throat"


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Release: 2008
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Baby Dee - The Robin's Tiny Throat 2CD

Diese Veröffentlichung enthält auf zwei CDs alle bis dato veröffentlichten Tonträger von Baby Dee.
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Label:Durtro Jnana
1.Hymn To Anne
2.Little Window
3.The Robin's Tiny Throat
5.A Weakness For Roses
6.The Price Of A Sparrow
7.What About My Father? (A Lullaby)
9.The Moon And The Morning Star
10.So Bad
11.Look What The Wind Blew In
12.When I Get Home
13.My Heart's Come Home
14.Like Morning All Day Long
15.Small Wonder
16.Half A Chance
17.My Love Has Made A Fool Of Me
18.April Day
19.Three Women
20.Morning Fire
21.Three Men