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Release: 2014
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Backlash - Heliotrope 2CD

Heliotrope is the follow up full length to 2005's Lodestar EP. Backlash was formed 1998 in Lidköping, Sweden by Oskar Lygner, Niklas Lundquist and Erik Torstensson. Their sound can be described as pure electronic pop with Erik's smooth vocals gliding over layers of synths, samples and other electronic intricacies. Highlighted by the singles, "Lodestar", "The Wrench of Parting", "Splinter" and the melodic "Unconsciously Astray", Heliotrope is a beautifully crafted and sonically solid release that ventures into areas frequented by Coldplay, The Postal Service and Massive Attack. In addition to the album, the this version of Heliotrope features a Bonus CD with 6 exclusive remixes plus the 3 remixes found on the any other release. Hear why Backlash is one of Europe's best kept secrets.
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Label:WTII Records
3.Pin Me Down
4.The Wrench Of Parting
5.Purity Of A Sinner
8.Keep Throwing It Away
10.Unconsciously Astray
12.Lodestar (Lsb Mix)
13.Hunt (Orbital Remix By Reactivate)
14.Splinter (Zeb Mix)
15.Lodestar (Apple Mix)
16.Blind (Hunter Remix)*
17.Keep Throwing It Away (Zeb Mix)*
18.Lodestar (Grass Clipper Mix)
19.Splinter (Radio Edit)
20.Hunt (Zeb Mix)