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Release: 2009
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Balzac - Paradox 2CD

German record label Gan-Shin are to release a special European version of Balzac's mini-album "Paradox". Produced by Takeshi Ueda of The Mad Capsule Markets, "Paradox" comes with an exclusive eighteen-track CD including two clips from "Paradox", fifteen from "Hatred" and a special bonus track.
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1.Schiz-ism I
5.Space Vampire In Silence Noise
6.The Eyes (That See What Isn't There)
7.Schiz-ism II
8.Paradox (Promotional Music Video)
9.Mini Album "Paradox" [Video]
10.The Shadows Of Daybreak I [Video]
11.Distraction [Video]
12.Swallow The Dark [Video]
13.Dakedo Sonna Hibi-No Naka-De Boku-Ha [Video]
14.Momentary Degeneration [Video]
15.Hurt [Video]
16.Paranoia [Video]
17.Frankenstein's Walk [Video]
18.Destruction = Construction [Video]
19.Tomorrow Never Comes [Video]
20.Justice, Pity And Hatred [Video]
21.The Howling Wolf [Video]
22.Pray [Video]
23.The Shadows Of Daybreak II [Video]
24.Hikari-Naki Sekai [Video]
25.Wall [Video]
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