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Barbarossa Umtrunk & Le Revers Sanglant

"L'Age Noir"


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Release: 2015
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Barbarossa Umtrunk & Le Revers Sanglant - L'Age Noir CDR

Split profi CDr (73 min.) jewel case is limited 130 hand-numbered copies.Info: fantastic split album from this two great france dark ambient artists - Tip !

Genre: Dark Ambient, Martial, ExperimentLike: Les Joyaux De La Princesse, Striider, Front Sonore, Legionarii, BloodSoil, Karjalan Sissit
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Label's catalogue number:SLCDR177-14
1.Barbarossa Umtrunk · Wolfen
2.Barbarossa Umtrunk · Fallen Moons
3.Barbarossa Umtrunk · Winter's Reign
4.Barbarossa Umtrunk · Ecoterrorist
5.Barbarossa Umtrunk · La Derniere Doctrine
6.Le Revers Sanglant · Pour En Finir
7.Le Revers Sanglant · Le Triomphe De La Nuit
8.Le Revers Sanglant · L'ordre Noir
9.Le Revers Sanglant · Lucifer
10.Le Revers Sanglant · Mélancolie
11.Le Revers Sanglant · Au Commencement
12.Le Revers Sanglant · Melancolie (Barbarossa Umtrunk Remix)
13.Barbarossa Umtrunk · Winter's Reign (Nuclear Nation Remix)