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Barbarossa Umtrunk

"La Fosse de Babel"


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Release: 2014
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Barbarossa Umtrunk - La Fosse de Babel CD

74 minutes of bombastic, neoclassical & tribal post-industrial muzak which describes dark “survivalists” martial processions and post-apocalyptic landscapes. The album features guests and brothers in arms such as TSIDMZ, Vir Martialis, Front Sonore … “La Fosse de Babel” is an apocalyptic and combative soundtrack for the final eschatologic battle of the end, a sacred doctrine to built the Transfigured New Man to come … When the Red Sun of the Great Eurasian Imperium will rise and Imam Al-Mahdi will come...
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Label:Old Europa Café
1.The 4Th Political Theory
2.La Structure Absolue
3.In Bashar We Trust
4.Army Of Mahdi (Walked In Line)
6.Vers Un Nouveau Prophétisme
7.A Fosse De Babel
8.Khalwat Al Abdal
9.Ungern Kahn, Le Cavalier Du Vril
10.Le Grand Empire Eurasiatique Da La Fin