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Barbarossa Umtrunk

"Tagebuch eines Krieges 2005-2015"


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Release: 2016
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Barbarossa Umtrunk - Tagebuch eines Krieges 2005-2015 CD

:BEST OF: Compilation CD 73 minutes in nice jewel case with 4 page bookled, clear tray, limited & handnumbered 300 copies CD 200 copies and 100 copies comes in special edition !fantastic dark ambient - traditional martial music by (Baron von S) from france in the way to LJDLP.all tracks new re-mastered and with fantastic atmosphere :-)

Genre: boombastic martial, dark ambient, post-industrial, post-atomic music Like: Les Joyaux De La Princesse, Karjalan Sissit, Legionarii, Turbund Sturmwerk
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2.Le Pays Perdu Feat. – Marc-Louis Questin
3.Eldritch Germania
4.Aryana Vaejo
5.Gwer Nemeton Feat. – Marc-Louis Questin, Schattenspiel
6.Winter's Reign
7.Vive Le Quebec Libre! Feat. – Schattenspiel
8.A La Gloire Du Sacré Feat. – Vir Martialis
9.Ungern Khan Le Cavalier Du Vril Feat. – Tsidmz
10.Le Centre Supreme Feat. – Schattenspiel
11.The Fourth Political Theory Feat. – Alexsandr Duguin, Tsidmz