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Release: 2014
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Battle Scream - Seelenfeuer CD

Founded in 2001 BATTLE SCREAM was able to require a loyal fanbase already. Their sound is being far from any fixed routine. They impress with a mixture of ass-kicking guitars and experimental innovative Electro sounds. Indeed it is a great revelation to open minded Electro-Heads, Gothics AND Metal-freaks. Its truly the opposite of any beaten path according with the Black Scene. Instead BATTLE SCREAM create their own brilliant style EBM-Metal!!! In 2009 their fourth album Suffering vs. Salvation was released and contained remixes by PROJECT PITCHFORK, DIE KRUPPS, AGONIZE, STAUBKIND, DAS ICH, LETZTE INSTANZ and more. But suddenly it grew silent around the band because of their management insolvency. Actually after four praised long-playing records and the „Abschiedsmelodie“ EP, which contains remixes from CHRIS POHL (BLUTENGEL / TERMINAL CHOICE) and the industrial-rockers ORPHEÉ BATTLE SCREAM is forcefully back with their new album „SEELENFEUER“. And still they refuse being put in the corner: Catchy, multi-layered, electronic-rocking black art of high quality is pointed out by scene magazines. The increasing electronic influence can`t be ignored but without missing these catchy heavy guitar lines which aren`t obvious anymore but keep every song in a deep impact. Again the new album was produced at Kinskinoize Studio Berlin. This time you find social critical songs beside own experiences and typical dark words. „Eisige Winde“ is about the over-explotation of natural resources. „Außer Kontrolle“ deals with run amok and „Kreuzfeuer“ sounds like a warning to the political system. With the song „Im Dienste des Herrn“ even the church is taught a lesson . Quite untypical sounds „Seelenfeuer“ but indeed it`s a fantastic ballade. This time all the songs of this new album are written in German except „Dark Essence“ . 14 tracks in a noble digifile and a coloured booklet of 12 sides with all lyrics that`s Seelenfeuer.
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Label:Calyx Rec.
2.Spiel Auf Zeit
3.Eisige Winde
5.Roter Glanz
6.Dark Essence
7.Krieg Der Körper
9.Schwarzer Tanz
11.Außer Kontrolle
13.Im Dienst Des Herrn