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Release: 2014
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Battle Scream - Suffering CD

Founded in 2001 BATTLE SCREAM was able to require a loyal fanbase already. Their sound is being far from any fixed routine. They impress with a mixture of ass-kicking guitars and experimental innovative Electro sounds. Indeed it is a great revelation to open minded Electro-Heads, Gothics AND Metal-freaks. Its truly the opposite of any beaten path according with the Black Scene. Instead BATTLE SCREAM create their own brilliant style…” EBM-Metal”!!! And still they refuse being put in the corner: “ Catchy, multi-layered, electronic-rocking black art of high quality” is pointed out by scene magazines. At the song “Zero” sings Holly (singer of LETZTE INSTANZ), at the songs “Cold Heart Stone” & “Mother Russia” Alex gets support from Stefanie Thümmel (PUPPETS ON STRINGS) and at the song “Leiden” you can hear Jörg from CEPHALGY. The 2008 released album “Suffering” The 2008 album "Suffering" now appears for the first time in trade - in the noble Digi-Pac with booklet and all lyrics!Previously it was only available at concerts of the band. At the 14th march the new studio album "Seelefeuer” is coming out! BATTLE SCREAM live is a class of its own. From the beginning the charismatical frontman Alex and his 4 musicians enter the stage with an enthusiastic dark inferno. Alex deep throated voice tempts to join in. All the songs capture the audience. That ́s why the screamers shared stages with UNHEILIG, CREMATORY, PROJECT PITCHFORK, DIARY OF DREAMS, AGONOIZE, UMBRA ET IMAGO, DAS ICH, FUNKER VOGT, DIE KRUPPS, LETZTE INSTANZ and many more. TERMINAL CHOICE commits them to make the support during their “Übermacht”-German Tour 2010. Now BATTLE SCREAM and CREMATORY go on tour from february until december 2014 in Germany. WATCH OUT – LET ́S SCREAM
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Label:Calyx Rec.
2.War Machine
3.Animus Tuus Sum
4.Fearful Eyes
5.Cold Hearts Stone
8.Pray! Final Cut
10.Symphony Of War
11.Mother Russia
14.Child Of Fire
15.Walkers In The Wind