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Beata Beatrix

"The New Gothic Generation"


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Release: 2014
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Beata Beatrix - The New Gothic Generation CD

With "The New Gothic Generation" Beata Beatrix open a new chapter in their sound! Hatria, Crowley and Ricy Trix take the listener by the hand and accompany him on a musical journey that embraces GOTH from the beginnings to the present day: From the Dark-rock of the early's 80 up to the latest developments in electro-goth.

The warm, sensual and powerful voice of Hatria supported by the musical alchemy of Crowley and Ricy Trix guides us towards dreamscapes of melancholy, darkness, love and death. 13 tracks to describe the evolution of dark music over past 30 years. "The New Gothic Generation" is an alchemic journey where characters magically come to life in a collective imagination that defines the gothic culture: Elizabeth Siddal, Dracula, Jack the Ripper and the unsolved case of Black Dahlia… A special mention deserves the song "The Mary's Song" - so dear to Hatria - dedicated to a special person who is no more….

"The New Gothic Generation" is a fully enjoyable album to listen carefully to!
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Label:Wave Records
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2.The Mary´s Song
3.Deeper & Deeper
4.Jane Eyre
5.Love Kills Love
6.Beata Beatrix
7.Drakula My Love
10.Goodbye Hello (Fu*k You)
11.The Green Fairy
12.Black D.
13.Caronte (Instrumenta