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Bene Gesserit

"The Second Benefit"


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Release: 2014
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Bene Gesserit - The Second Benefit Single/7

BeNeFiT EP for Belgium's No.1 synth-pop duo BeNe GeSSeRiT, cult!BeNe GeSSeRiT are the husband and wife duo of Alain Neffe and Nadine Bal (Insane Music).

Born in 1981 but still active, it's high time to renew their recording equipment! All proceeds will go to the band enabling them to continue their musical adventures, please support!

This will be your reward:

- Limited 7" EP with 1 NEW side (3 unpublished tracks) and 1 OLD side (3 rare 80s K7 gems, 1st time on vinyl) - 1 original BeNe GeSSeRiT drawing with official InSaNE stamp, each one different!- 1 BG photograph (9 versions) Tags: synth-pop, minimal synth, vocal, 80s
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