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Release: 2014
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Bethlehem - Dark Metal CD + DVD

With their groundbreaking debut album, Bethlehem gave name to an entire genre: "Dark Metal". To celebrate the 20th anniversary of this classic, a reissue in Digipak format with bonus DVD will be released. The DVD contains a video recording of a complete Bethlehem concert in Poland from 1994 and is thus a highly interesting document of the early stages of one of the most influential metal bands from Germany.
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1.The 11Th Commandment
2.Apocalyptic Dance
3.Second Coming
5.3Rd Nocturnal Prayer
6.Funereal Owlblood
7.Veiled Irreligion
8.Gepriesen Sei Der Untergang
9.The 11Th Commandment
10.Apocalyptic Dance
11.Second Coming
13.Supplementary Exegesis
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