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"The New Transistor Heroes (Deluxe)"


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Release: 2014
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Bis - The New Transistor Heroes (Deluxe) 2CD

"The New Transistor Heroes" is the youthful Manda Rin, Sci-Fi Steven and John Disco's energetic 1997 debut album, now fully expanded with b-sides and rarities of the era. It's an explosion of colourful influences ranging from quirky New-Wave to 80's Synth-Pop and Riot Grrrl with hints of Disco and Two-Tone, the sound of an excitable band without pretences. The album went massive in Japan, "Starbright Boy" and "Sweet Shop Avengerz" hit the UK charts while the digital Motown of "Tell It To The Kids" introduced bis to the kids of the US. The anti-body fascism disco anthem, "Monstarr", remains a fan favourite to this day while the synth-heavy "Skinny-Tie Sensurround" pointed to the next, 80's indebted, album "Social Dancing". It's a bold and innocent attempt at creating the definitive bis document, and it's catchy as sin to boot.)
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1.Tell It To The Kids
2.Sweet Shop Avengerz
3.Starbright Boy
4.Popstar Kill
5.Mr. Important
6.Antiseptic Poetry
8.Skinny Tie Sensurround
9.Poster Parent
11.Everybody Thinks That They're Going To Get Theirs
12.Rebel Soul
13.Photo Shop
15.Lie Detector Test
16.Dinosaur Germs
17.Kill Yr Boyfriend (Grand Royal Version)
18.Keroleen (Unreleased Version)
19.Pop Song (Featuring Pink Kross)
20.Clockwork Punk
21.Wee Love
22.Team Theme
24.I'll Get You Back
26.Inja Hi-Skool
27.Automatic Freestyle
28.Statement Of Intent (Original Version)
29.Girl Star (Remix)
30.Cookie Cutter Kid
31.(It's The) Ram Jam
32.Sweet Shop Avengerz (Hi-Fi Mix)
33.Tell It To The Kids (Hi-Fi Mix)
34.Monstarr (Hi-Fi Mix)
35.The Boy With The Thorn In His Side
36.We Are So Fragile
37.Photo Shop (Stripped)